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School Meals Curbside Pick-Up

Mission CISD will begin weekly distribution of student school meals on Saturday, September 5 for all students registered in Mission CISD. The meals will be distributed through a curbside pick up at several locations and will provide breakfasts and lunches for each student for the following week of school days. The meals distributed this coming Saturday will be for four school days since the first official day of school for Mission CISD students is Tuesday, September 8. 

Families can pick up their Mission CISD student’s meals at any of the following locations on Saturday between the hours of 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m: Bryan Elementary School, Cantu Elementary School, Leal Elementary School of Engineering and Technology, Mims Elementary School, O’Grady Elementary School, R. Cantu Jr. High School, Mission High School, Mission Collegiate High School. 

Families can go to the campus nearest them to pick up all their child’s meals, even if they have children at several schools. District officials scheduled the weekly pick-up of meals for Saturdays with the hopes it would be the most convenient time for the majority of families. 

Families will need to show the student meal barcodes provided by the schools in order to pick up their child’s meals. The students do not need to be present. Anyone can pick up the meals for the students as long as they have the meal barcode for the child.

All meals will be packed frozen, cold, or will be shelf stable. Safety instructions for storing and heating of the meals will be included. 

Mission CISD will continue the meal pick-up program until further notice.