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VMHS HOSA Seniors participate in Science Expo

The VMHS HOSA Senior students participated in a Science Expo at the University of Health Science Center (UTHSC) in San Antonio on November 12, 2016. There was a total of 28 students who had the opportunity to explore different careers in the medical field. In the first session students listened to a current UTHSC scholar who is conducting research in neuroscience, particularly on Alzheimer’s. In session two, students learned about the cardiovascular system and participated in activities such as electrical and manual blood pressure, EKG analysis and comparing regular and irregular heartbeats. In the third session, students went to the Foyer, where the majority of the medical students were presenting their fields of study. The VMHS HOSA members were able to learn how to intubate, listen to bowel sounds, and check the pulse on a simulation dummy. Students also participated in a respiratory activity in which students wear a vibrating vest in order to show how to loosen up patients’ phlegm whenever they are congested. In the last session, students participated in suturing small wounds on the arms and legs of a dummy. They learned the techniques and importance of suturing a wound properly. Overall, the students enjoyed visiting the campus and were able to explore their passion for the medical field.
Source: Article and photo provided by Normita Garza