VMHS Students

VMHS 2018-19 Senior Chromebook Deprovision

In order to have your Chromebook unblocked, please follow these steps. 
1. Complete this Google Form so that the MCISD District Technology Dept. (Not VMHS) can have your device information. Only devices that are included in the list will have the permissions removed.
You must sign in to your username@missioncisd.org account to access the form.
2. It will take up to a week for all of the devices to be deprovisioned. The VMHS IT Dept. will notify you by email that your device is ready to reset. Use the Chromebook Deprovisioning Steps to wipe the device and set it up under another Gmail account. 
If you do not receive notification, please email the VMHS IT Dept. at jfvarl00@missioncisd.org or call our office at (956) 323-3038.