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2015 - 2016  Veterans Patriots Training Room Hours

0 Period -  Morning Treatments:                        7:00 am – 8:05 am
1st Period – Athletics                                          8:10 am – 8:57 am
4th Period – Lunch Treatments                        11:12 am – 11:52 am
5th Period – Athletics (Lunch Treatments)        11:57 am – 12:44 pm
6th Period – Lunch Treatments                         12:47 pm – 1:44 pm
9th Period – Athletics                                          3:25 pm – 4:12 pm
After school  / Weekend  / Holidays – Treatments will be conducting according to Practice / Game Schedules.
Injured Patriot Athletes need to be present daily for morning treatments, as well as at the beginning / end of their athletic period and before / after practice. Lunch Treatments during 4th, 5th & 6th periods are available as needed and prearranged with the athletic trainer.
Patriot Student/Athletes will not be treated during their instructional class times as per the VMHS Principal’s instructions.
Fall & Spring Football:  The Field House TR will open 40 minutes prior to the start of morning football practice. 

Kim C. Reynolds MAT, ATC, LAT & Tim Ferren ATC, LAT